Kite Travel Club

The Kite Travel Club was conceived to provide a member-driven Internet space for local and international kiters to come together and share information around the sport we love. Club discussion, feedback and suggestions for making this a club to be proud of should go here.

Choose Your Adventure

Questions and answers for travel to any kite destination in the world. What time of year? Where to stay? Where to learn? What to expect? How to prepare? No business promotion in this category please.

Spot Chat

Casual conversation for every kite spot. Looking for friends to ride with, session planning, ride sharing, upcoming events, lost and found, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Weather Resources

Post information and links to local weather services and links to join local messaging groups for on scene weather reports. (Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat etc…)

Gear Exchange

Looking to upgrade your equipment or make room for your new quiver? This is the place to buy, sell, and trade equipment.

Member Offers

Kite businesses around the world can join the Kite Travel Club network as an associate member. This allows them to offer exclusive promotions to Kite Travel Club members and appear on our map.